Smiling CoupleWhile cosmetic bonding is well over 25 years old, improvements in the materials have recently made bonding one of the hottest item in dentistry. Bonding is a procedure in which a white plastic filling can be applied to the natural outer surface of the tooth. We can take a discolored or broken tooth and “glue” a fresh surface on it. Another common concern is spaces between front teeth called diastemsas. Instead of using porcelain crowns, we can now do it with bonding. There are big advantages:

  • It’s healthier. No tooth must be removed for bonding, so it is painless.
  • It usually looks as good a porcelain crown.
  • It’s less expensive than a crown.

Many new dental materials are coming out on the market all the time. So, if you’ve been thinking about improving the appearance of your teeth in any way, we’ll be happy to meet with you for a consultation on what can be done.