Orthodontic Retainers Austin, TX

Maintain your orthodontic results!

RetainersIf you’ve ever had braces—or any orthodontic appliance for that matter—you’ve no doubt heard a lecture or two about brushing instructions and what types of food to avoid, that sort of thing.

And then comes that liberating day the braces come off, and you think you’re home free. Not quite. There’s a retainer in your future.

Your retainer adds the finishing touch to all those months in braces, Wearing it faithfully will help keep your hard-won bite where it belongs. But lots of people, young and old alike, would just as soon be done with it, and “forget” to wear their retainer. Well, don’t fall into the trap and lose the results you worked for. We can customize your retainer with colors and graphics and even make it neon glow-in-the dark so you’ll never lose it.