Tooth TraumaWho’s at Risk for Tooth Trauma?

Accidents can happen at any time, but being aware of especially high-risk activities can encourage us to take the proper precautions and help avoid tooth trauma.

The greatest number of injuries to teeth occur in children between ages 1 to 2 and 7 to 10. The first age group sees more injuries than normal because children are just learning how to walk and still clumsy on their feet, while the children ages 7-10 are simply at the stage they become more risk-taking and adventurous. (Think not just riding bikes, but going off a first jump.)

Fighting is one of the principal causes of dental injury, with sports being another major contributor.

Men are also twice as likely as women to experience injury to teeth.

How to Prevent Tooth Trauma

There are simple measures that can help:

  • Better supervision of children in the home and on the playground.
  • Using seat belts in cars and helmets on motorcycles.
  • Wearing protective devices for sports, including mouthguards and helmets.
  • And of course, staying out of fights.