Dentist Appointment ReminderPrevention is the Best Way to Avoid Costly Dental Emergencies

We understand that not all emergencies can be avoided, sometimes accidents happen. But skipping check-ups and avoiding the dentist is never a good way to save money. It will only result in more costly treatment needed down the road.

Instead, we like to emphasize the value of maintaining your oral health. Just imagine that every time you brush, floss, or have a cleaning, it’s as if the cost of a future dental problem becomes less and less. So be sure to handle problems when solutions are still affordable, and we promise to always discuss treatment options and provide the highest quality care!

Preventive Maintenance Includes:

  • In-office fluoride treatments to prevent decay
  • Sealants for kids’ teeth
  • Routine dental hygiene appointments. A flare-up of periodontal disease can threaten your well-being and your wallet.
  • Prompt repair of cavities, damaged fillings or tooth fractures

Put your money where your mouth is… It’s a good investment!