Woman Using a Tongue ScraperBrushing Your Tongue Helps Freshen Breath

With all the mints, mouthwash, chewing gum, and other cover-ups available, there are many ways to freshen your breath. But, if you consistently suffer from halitosis, you might be forgetting an easy way to combat odor-causing bacteria… cleaning your tongue!

It makes perfect sense if you think about it, the tongue is one of the largest structures in the mouth, and its textured surface provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Furthermore, since this vital organ makes contact with nearly every other part of the mouth, a dirty tongue can re-infect clean teeth with bacteria and germs. So, after brushing your teeth, remember to brush your tongue as well, or use a specialized tongue scraper (available at any pharmacy).

Cleaning the tongue is quick and easy, and while most people simply don’t think to include it as part of their oral hygiene routine, it just might be the solution to bad breath you’re looking for!