Chewable Vitamin C Tablets

Less is More

Where would we be without our vitamin C? Everyone agrees, it’s a crucial nutrient that provides many health benefits. And in dentistry, it plays an important role in the healing process, especially in soft tissue such as gums.

But vitamin C, being acidic, can actually do damage if consumed in chewable form. Too many chews and tooth enamel literally dissolve. A single chewable tablet won’t hurt, but if you need higher levels of vitamin C, switch to another form or consider eating more fresh fruits and vegetables! With a balanced diet, most people can get all that they need, naturally.

It’s also important to understand that vitamin C is water-soluble (as opposed to fat-soluble). This means the body cannot store any extra that is consumed; instead, it is excreted and (literally) flushed away. The average daily recommended amount of vitamin C differs depending on age, gender, life stage, and other factors. See the table below for more information.

How much Vitamin C do I Need?

Life Stage Recommended Amount*
Birth to 6 months 40 mg
Infants 7-12 months 50 mg
Children 1-3 years 15 mg
Children 4-8 years 25 mg
Children 9-13 years 45 mg
Teens 14-18 years (boys) 75 mg
Teens 14-18 years (girls) 65 mg
Adults (men) 90 mg
Adults (women) 75 mg
Pregnant teens 80 mg
Pregnant women 85 mg
Breastfeeding teens 115 mg
Breastfeeding women 120 mg

*Individuals who smoke should add 35 mg to the above values.