Healthy Teeth and SmileAbove average? Me?

You may be five-foot-four, a C student, never starred at sports. And yet you may be ABOVE average—in your need for dental check-ups.

While two visits a year is average, more appointments should be scheduled when either the mouth builds up tartar fast, cavities multiply like bunnies, or teeth or gums experience growing pains.

Fluoride has helped to improve the dental health of its users for generations, and we can now apply sealants to children’s back teeth to fend off decay. X-rays are safer; modern anesthetics more effective. All in the name of prevention.

Recent research has discovered that it’s not just your mouth that benefits from this extra prevention—it could save your life.

The American Heart Association reports that the BEST indicator of your chance of having a stroke is your number of teeth. Not cholesterol, blood pressure or bad diet. The more teeth you lose, the higher the risk of stroke.

We can help you keep those teeth where they belong, monitoring your oral health and taking action when problems appear. We’ll recommend how often to come in. So stand tall. You’re above average—and your smile shows it.